Self suficiency farm project in Loulé

Regenerative Structural Planning

Quinta Ha
Self sufficient farm project, food forest, agrotourism

Localization: Vale Telheiro, Loulé
Client: Private
Date: 2017-2018
Area: 1,7Ha.

The property is located in the rural landscape of Vale Telheiro, in the parish of São Sebastião, Loulé and occupies an area of 1.7ha.

Geographically it is situated on a hill, with the residence occupying a central place in one of the highest points, with altimetric variations between 249 and 257m. In general, the morphology is characterized by smooth or flat slopes facing all quadrants.

The terrain situates on the Barrocal, a type of Algarvian landscape, which, as the name suggests, is an area of clay soils (Barro) and limestone (cal).

The climate is characterized by the Atlantic influence, with dry and mild summers, with and average annual precipitation of 500mm, concentrated between November and April, presenting a torrential character typical of the Mediterranean landscape, with dominant winds of the Northwest and Southeastern.

The presence of water in the landscape is a determining factor for the success of this project since the current landscape is greatly degraded both by erosion and by the lack of vegetation that left the soil exposed to the weather. In addition, the soil is quite poor and compact leading to a poor water retention capacity thereby becoming conducive to surface runoff.

The vegetation on the property has a perennial flora representative of the agriculture that dominated and still dominate the landscape of the Barrocal and small clusters of spontaneous natural flora. It is presented on the terrain almond tree (Prunus dulcis), fig tree (Ficus carica), carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua) and olive tree (Olea europaea), showing the agricultural activities of the past. It also occurs species such as azinheira (Quercus rotundifolia), carrasco (Quercus coccifera), zambujeiro (Olea europea var. Sylvestris), aroeira (Pistacia lenticus) and several types of orchids that grow in the limits of the property forming hedges of spontaneous autochthonous vegetation that evidences the course of natural succession.

In the scope of the pollution no sources of noise disturbance, contaminated soils, nor atmospheric pollution were found, and the presence of fruticulosic lichens in the property that are fungi in symbiosis with algae was registered, this type of lichen it’s very sensitive and non-existent in the presence of air pollution.


The proposal for Structural Planning presented, aims to provide guidelines for the establishment and development of the agricultural spaces of a property oriented to sustainability, located in Vale Telheiro, Loulé, thus serving as a base for its sustainable future development, always in close harmony with nature and the surrounding environment.

In addition to serving as a residence, the client intends to develop agricultural production through innovative techniques and methods based on the principles of permaculture, while reducing the general maintenance of the property.

The client aims to plant an orchard that serves the residence, and where it is possible to experiment with new species and varieties since its objective is not commercial. In this way it’s proposed a great variety of species of fruit trees, aromatic and medicinal plants. Among the elements to be planned are also roads, pedestrian paths, agroforestry parcels, hedges and water storage tanks.



Photos of implementations on this project here:


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